Conservatory Roof Fitted With Dark Grey Reflective Film Providing 80% Heat & Glare Reduction

Conservatory Roofs

Our solar control polycarbonate roof inserts are a cost effective solution for conservatories.

Most of the heat that builds up in your conservatory comes from direct sunlight - our conservatory roof inserts reduce heat gain by around 80% without sacrificing daylight penetration.

It also reduced glare by 75%, allowing your conservatory to become a home office without struggling to see a computer monitor.

Ultra Violet light (UV) causes approximately 33% of fading to furniture, fabrics, textile, painted and varnished surfaces, wood furniture and fittings; as well as your skin - our roof inserts reduce ultra violet penetration by 99%.

As they are inserted directly within the polycarbonate roofing there is little maintenance and are a cheaper and more robust solution than blinds.

We can supply and install, or just provide depending on your needs.

More Information

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