Enhance your safety with improved strength and thickness glazing.


Ultrastop’s safety window film holds together when glass shatters – providing an affordable extra safety barrier of shatterproof film.

Achieve your required goal with our safety window film, available in a wide range of strengths and thicknesses in conjunction with a variety of different finishes. Our fully vetted and trained staff will ensure your aesthetic and functional requirements are met with the best possible installation.

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Safety Film


Your solution to safety

Visible Light Transmitted: 83% to 86%

Glare Reduction: 0%

Total Solar Absorbed: 13% to 14%

Total Solar Energy Rejected: 19% to 23%

Film Thickness: 100 to 300 Micron

Adhesive Type: Pressure-Sensitive

Warranty: 10 Years


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Glass is a fragile component of any building structure, and with that comes elements of vulnerability. If broken, it can be a very harmful material, hence why legislation has been put in place which dictates certain locations must be of a minimum safety standard. Shatterproof and toughened glass are often to expensive and time consuming to implement; especially in today’s economic climate. Our safety film for glass provides an affordable alternative with installation and a full manufacturer’s warranty. An application of our safety film will upgrade your existing glass to BS EN 12600 (formerly known as BS6206) ensuring you comply with legislation. Our safety window film is the perfect solution for your glass and will save you the headache of a whole new glazing project.

Shatter Protection: Our safety film for glass has special properties that ensure if a break occurs, it does so safely and maintains the glass within a layer between the glass and film. This helps with preventing injuries from shattered flying glass, rogue glass pieces being scattered everywhere and potential cuts from glass removal. During severe types of weather such as thunderstorms and potential tornado or hurricanes, safety is not guaranteed; but having safety window film installed on your glazing, you’re reducing the potential risk of having your glass shattered.

Crime Protection: Access via windows are evidently a criminals ideal method of gaining entry. This allows for quick access and quick departure, reducing the risk of being caught and increasing the chance of escape. With safety window film, the protective layer disables the ability for someone to shatter the glass instantly. Repeated force at one given location of the glass will of course break through the film and glass however, this time consuming deterrent will allow for other safety & security measures to kick in and hopefully panic the intruder to leave.

Temperature Control & UV Rays: Although not the sole purpose of safety film, it also has properties that allow for room temperature control. This allows the film to absorb or reflect the suns heat, which enhances insulation and the ability to trap heat or cold in the room. On the flip side, reflecting the heat or cold from outside allows for a more insulation room. This distinctly saves on heating bills and also electricity bills if you use air conditioning in the hotter months. Alongside the aspects of being able to contribute to room temperature control, safety window film also has properties of blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet light preserving your interior decor.

Installation & Removal: Safety film for glass from Ultrastop window films allows for an aesthetically pleasing sight. Available in a range of styles, colours or textures, you can complement your interior or exterior decor by simply applying a beneficial window film. These window films are quick and easy to install (if done by a trained Ultrastop window films fitter) but are also do-it-yourself friendly. Equally, they can easily be removed and replaced if need be.