Improve your security with specially thickened and strengthened glass, also including shatterproof properties.


Glass windows are an easy target and an obvious way to break into a property, they’re easily broken and a burglar can enter and exit with little difficulty.

By securely binding to the glass, these security films can make for incredibly tough windows which even when shattered, will still hold in place. Someone can only gain entrance with a lot of effort and noise made – at which point your other security measures (such as alarms) should have deterred them enough to vacate the premises.

Unlike strengthened glass, our Security Window Films are affordable and easy to install.


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Security Window Film


Your solution to extra security

Visible Light Transmitted: 83% to 86%

Glare Reduction: 0%

Total Solar Absorbed: 13% to 14%

Total Solar Energy Rejected: 19% to 23%

Film Thickness: 100 to 300 Micron

Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive

Warranty: 10 Years


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With glazing having an easy nature of breaking, windows are primarily targeted by criminals to gain easy access to a property, as well as an easy escape to avoid capture. This doesn’t give other security measures the correct length of time to be effective which means that criminals often get away, especially in smash and grab cases. That’s where an affordable, quick solution is needed, that solution is our security window film.

Security: Our safety films acts as an extra barrier for criminals, holding the glass together and in place when broken (extremely effective in smash and grab cases). This makes breaking into your property a very difficult task, increasing the risk of the criminal getting caught due to spending more time trying to gain access.

Explosions: You can never be too prepared for an accident/explosion, and when they do happen, the explosion isn’t the only thing that can cause injury. Thousands of glass projectiles can often cause severe damage, and even more than the actual explosion itself. Therefore, having a safety measure in place for such situation can never be a bad thing. Our security window film holds together the pieces of glass during a shatter, mitigating the risk of flying glass everywhere.

Appearance: Our security safety films offer a clear, non-tinted appearance when applied to glass. Meaning the visual appearance and branding of your property isn’t compromised.

UV Exposure: Although not the main purpose of this window film, it still provides other small benefits such as protection from ultraviolet rays. Creating less exposure to your skin, and also reduces fading on furniture, carpets and more! If dedicated solar protection is what you’re looking for, we would recommend our Solar Protection Window Film.

Installation & Removal: Security film for glass from Ultrastop window films allows for a quick and easy install (if done by a trained Ultrastop window films fitter) but are also do-it-yourself friendly. Equally, they can easily be removed and replaced if need be.