Create a long lasting effect on your consumers with custom, bespoke window shapes, sizes and images.


Solid Coloured film for glass can be used to totally block vision or to also create glass aesthetics for shop fronts, restaurants, schools and much more.

Our film comes in a wide range of vibrant, solid colours which is also perfect for privacy purposes.


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Blackout Window Film


Your solution to advertising, promoting, privacy and more

Application: 2D Surfaces

Thickness: 64µ

Adhesive: Solvent Permanent Acrylic Adhesive

Fire Rating: EN13501-1

Durability: External life of 8 years for black and white, 7 years for all the colours and 5 years for the metallics

Specifications may vary depending on brand used


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Colour Palette

Please bare in mind that we can get any shade of colour below, our colour palette isn’t limited to what you see.

Primrose Yellow Gloss

Code: 707

Bright Yellow Gloss

Code: 739

Banana Yellow Gloss

Code: 739-01

Sunflower Yellow Gloss

Code: 706

Sun Yellow Gloss

Code: 706-01

Signal Yellow Gloss

Code: 704

Orange Yellow Gloss

Code: 760

Gold Yellow Gloss

Code: 710

Safron Gloss

Code: 764

Light Orange Gloss

Code: 722

Orange Gloss

Code: 705

Bright Orange Gloss

Code: 738

Deep Red Gloss

Code: 743

Tomato Red Gloss

Code: 748

Bright Red Gloss

Code: 737

Medium Red Gloss

Code: 726

Blood Red Gloss

Code: 765

Cardinal Red Gloss

Code: 749

Plum Red Gloss

Code: 749-02

Spicy Red Gloss

Code: 765-01

Regal Red Gloss

Code: 763

Crimson Red Gloss

Code: 749-01

Cherry Red Gloss

Code: 703

Lipstick Red Gloss

Code: 771

Apple Red Gloss

Code: 750

Strawberry Red Gloss

Code: 750-01

Red Gloss

Code: 770

Dark Red Gloss

Code: 767

Wine Red Gloss

Code: 778

Purple Red Gloss

Code: 780

Burgundy Red Gloss

Code: 702

Pink Gloss

Code: 716

Cyclamen Gloss

Code: 715

Telemagenta Gloss

Code: 773

Lavender Gloss

Code: 775

Violet Gloss

Code: 717

Purple Gloss

Code: 777

Light Blue Gloss

Code: 732

Sky Blue Gloss

Code: 784

Pastel Blue Gloss

Code: 782

Euro Blue Gloss

Code: 709-01

Ocean Blue Gloss

Code: 709

Azure Blue Gloss

Code: 751

Scuba Blue Gloss

Code: 741

Cosmos Blue Gloss

Code: 708

Blue Gloss

Code: 733

Blue Gloss

Code: 795

Brilliant Blue Gloss

Code: 753

Classic Blue Gloss

Code: 793

Middle Blue Gloss

Code: 794

King Blue Gloss

Code: 785

Royal Blue Gloss

Code: 754

Berry Blue Gloss

Code: 792-01

Midnight Blue Gloss

Code: 792

Marine Blue Gloss

Code: 747

Ink Blue Gloss

Code: 789

Deep Blue Gloss

Code: 791

Dark Blue Gloss

Code: 723

Scandinavia Blue Gloss

Code: 783

Cobalt Blue Gloss

Code: 724

Alfa Blue Gloss

Code: 724-01

Black Blue Gloss

Code: 788

Teal Gloss

Code: 742

Turquoise Gloss

Code: 731

Petrol Gloss

Code: 798

Forest Green Gloss

Code: 711

Olive Green Gloss

Code: 757

Emerald Gloss

Code: 781

Kelly Green Gloss

Code: 734

Green Gloss

Code: 756

Light Green Gloss

Code: 755

Grass Green Gloss

Code: 713

Lime Tree Green Gloss

Code: 714-01

Lime Gloss

Code: 714

Green Yellow Gloss

Code: 714-02

White Gloss

Code: 700

White Matt

Code: 730

Mist Gloss

Code: 745

Pale Grey Gloss

Code: 745-01

Dove Grey Gloss

Code: 744

Medium Grey Gloss

Code: 725

Tele Grey Gloss

Code: 744-01

Grey Gloss

Code: 720

Dark Grey Gloss

Code: 759

Traffic Grey Gloss

Code: 759-02

Komatsu Grey Gloss

Code: 759-01

Black Gloss

Code: 701

Black Matt

Code: 721

Grey Metallic Gloss

Code: 746

Silver Metallic Gloss

Code: 735

Silver Gloss

Code: 735-01

Gold Metallic Gloss

Code: 736

Copper Metallic Gloss

Code: 736-01

Ivory Gloss

Code: 758

Light Ivory Gloss

Code: 735

Beige Gloss

Code: 719

Chocolate Brown Gloss

Code: 718

Dark Brown Gloss

Code: 762

Transparent Gloss

Code: 740

Solid coloured window film can be used for a multitude of different things to achieve your desired result. Whether it’s promoting, advertising, informational or even privacy, it can all be achieved with this film. Being a cheap cost effective way to accomplish your end goal, the best thing about window film is that it can be removed or replaced just as quickly as it was fitted!

Promoting: Seasonal promotions prevail in the retail sector, and with this comes heavy promoting of products, sales and ending soon offers. Why not use your storefront windows to attract new customers and showcase why they should come to you rather than the shop down the road?

Advertising: High footfall areas provide a great marketing tool. You have tons of traffic, free of charge, seeing what you’re advertising or showcasing without paying a penny (apart from purchasing the film of course!). However, comparing to having to pay to get top listed adverts online, this cost effective method should not be disregarded from any marketing strategy.

Decoration: Marketing aside… Our fully customisable window film can be cut and shaped into whatever your heart desires. This provides the access to create extremely welcoming and eye catching window features that will compliment your home, office or shop!

Privacy: Being a tottally solid colour comes with a benefit of privacy. Whether you’d like to disable vision to a certain area of your property, or geniunely block off vision to a whole area for maintenance etc… Our coloured film will provide that benefit should you wish to use it for this purpose.

Installation & Removal: These window films are quick and easy to install (if done by a trained Ultrastop window films fitter) but are also do-it-yourself friendly. Equally, they can easily be removed and replaced if need be.