Add an element of colour to your glazing whilst also allowing natural light to still pass through.


Creating an attractive feature can be expensive. With our wide range of coloured window tints, we can instantly turn your glazing into an eye catching element without the need for replacing windows.

Vision will still be possible from both the inside and out regardless of the colour selected. Our coloured film for glass allows for a good level of natural light to pass-through, maintaining a bright natural home or office environment.


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Transparent Glass Film


Your solution to an eye catching feature

Adhesive: Solvent Acrylic, Permanent

Adhesive Composition: Solvent-based Acrylic

Adhesive Colour: Clear

Adhesive Strength: 20N/25mm

Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive

Thickness: 90µ

Product Type: Calendered Polymeric

Durability: Up To 7 Years

Specifications may vary depending on brand used


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Colour Palette

Please reference the E5 number when enquiring about a specific colour.

With our transparent coloured window film, we advise that you do not apply any type of sticker or adhesive on the film. It is also recommended that you do not clean the window for at least 1 month after installation.

Appearance: With the wide range of colours available, you can create beautiful window features and really make your appearance stand out. With the film being transparent, it will still allow natural sunlight to pass through and brighten up your room. 

Glass Protection: Although very thin, our coloured window film can offer an element of protection aganist scratches from keys etc… This sacrificial barrier can easily be removed and replaced if need be, keeping your glazing in prestine condition and eliminating the need for a new glazing project to take place, saving you money and time!

Installation & Removal: A specially created coating applied on the film makes removal an easy process in the event of unwanted markings such as; spray paint, ink-based graffiti, scouring or scratching. These window films are quick and easy to install (if done by a trained Ultrastop window films fitter) but are also do-it-yourself friendly. Equally, they can easily be removed and replaced if need be.