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Conservatory Glass Film

Safety window film holds together when glass shatters, providing an extra affordable safety barrier. It also strengthens the glass, increasing the safety of employees and visitors as well as being authorities approved.

Solar protection window film blocks UV light, deflects up to 80% of the sun’s heat and reduces glare by up to 85%. Subsequently protecting your employees and equipment from dangers of Solar and UV light without compromising the natural sunlight.

Conservatory window film protects your conservatory from unnecessary heat and reduces solar energy and glare by up to 80%. It also provides insulation in the winter months, providing a warm usable room which would otherwise not be suitable.

Privacy window film protects from heat and glare as well as providing safety, security and privacy. Suitable for homes on busy roads and workplaces with a sensitive nature.

Security window film enhances your glasses strength tremendously by binding to the glass and holding together when shattered.

Transparent coloured window film is a great affordable attractive feature. Our wide range of coloured window tints allows vision from both the inside and out and allows for a good level of natural light.

Anti-graffiti window film protects your building from the inevitable vandalism that takes place on high streets and town centres. Protecting from spray paint and key scratches, it also provides protection from unintentional damage, such as chips from stones on the road.

Bomb blast window film protects from explosions that take place. 90% of injuries received are due to shattered or falling glass. Our bomb blast window film strengthens the integrity of the glass increasing the safety of people’s lives. It’s important to note that no window film or system can completely remove the threat posed by an explosion or bomb blast.

Solid coloured window film are great for glass aesthetics in shop fronts, restaurants, schools and much more. They provide a solid colour film that totally blocks vision and comes in a wide range of vibrant colours, perfects for privacy purposes.

Window film has multiple uses such as adding privacy, reducing heat, reducing glare, providing extra security, preventing vandalism, security and to also add decoration. Our window film can be applied to new or existing glass in your home, office, shop or any working environment.

To clean a window with window film applied, we advise to avoid using abrasive cleaning products i.e brushes as this will scratch the film. Using a simple soft cloth or synthetic sponge will ensure your window film stays in pristine condition.

If you have logos, patterns and cut outs please go carefully around these to avoid damage.

This depends entirely on the type of window film applied to the window. We offer a diverse range of window films that are all fit for purpose and have different appearance and performance attributes.

Window film is an easy solution to tackling issues such as privacy, safety, security, solar control and decoration. Being such a great cost-effective solution also comes with easy installation and removal however, once removed from a window it cannot be reapplied to another.

After thoroughly cleaning the glass with soapy water and a squeegee, the glass is then ready for installation. The window film is then applied and smoothed out to ensure no bubbles or creases occur. This process can be completed by either the customer or a trained professional fitter (recommended).

Yes! We’re more than happy to send out samples, just drop us an email at or alternatively, give us a call on 0208 079 0241.

We advise all customers to not touch the film for at least 30 days after installation. After this period, please refer to our “How do I clean a window with window film applied” to avoid ruining your window film.

Yes! Our services are offered nationwide. Whether you’re ordering film to self install or you would like one of our professional fitters, we’re happy to travel directly to you.

Depending on the type of outcome you’re trying to achieve, chances are we have the solution. Please feel free to get in touch and we can advise you accordingly before making a purchase.