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Safety Window Films

Ultra Stop’s Safety Window Films hold together when glass shatters - providing an affordable extra safety barrier from shattered glass.

Shatterproof and toughened glass are often too expensive and time consuming to implement - especially in today’s economic climate. Our safety window films provide an affordable alternative with installation and a full manufacturer’s warranty provided.

An application of our safety film will upgrade your existing glass to BS6206 compliance for safety.

Safe and easy to clean up and replace

UK Local Authorities approved

Increased safety for buildings of any size

Increase the safety of our employees and visitors by not having shards of glass upon a window break

The window films make the glass stronger - further reducing the risk of breakage.


Ultra Stop can conduct a thorough property survey to evaluate the feasibility of using window safety films and how to comply with UK legislation.


Installation of Ultra Stop safety films is non-distruptive and fast. Our team are trained to expertly apply the window film in a matter of minutes, with minimal distruption to your employees. We check for bumps, creases, scratches and fingermarks as part of our quality assurancy policy.


Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992) requires employers to ensure that the glass and windows around your premises have been risk assesed for impact-safe or safe-breaking abilities - and marked with manifestations.

More Information

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