Stately Home Fitted With Clear Ultra Violet Protection Film To Prevent Fading Of Precious Fabrics & Paintings

Solar and UV Window Films

Protect your employees and posessions from the dangers of solar and UV - without compromising the natural sunlight.

With global temperatures rising with global warming it is important to protect your employees from the dangers of solar and UV and make them feel more comfortable.

Ultra Stop’s solution deflects up to 80% of the sun’s heat and reduced glare by up to 85%

Solar Control Window Film

Working 9-5 with the sun in an employee’s eyes, being uncomfortably hot leads to productivity issues. Solar Control window films reduce glare by up to 85% allowing your employees to concentrate on the work without squinting or straining their eyes.

Not only does it help ensure your employees safety, it can also make them more productive.

UV Control Window Film

By removing 99.7% of harmful ultra violet rays without blocking the sunlight you can reduce fading on products, furniture or exhibits. This small investment can prolong the life of carpets, furniture or your shop’s products.

More Information

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