Add an extra layer of security to prevent the shattering of glass and protect nearby civilians.


When an explosion takes place, 90% of the injuries received are due to shattered or falling glass which means the integrity of a window is so important for the safety of people’s lives. 

By pairing the correct solution to each situation, your level of building safety and security will be enhanced greatly. To note, it’s important to understand that no window film or system can completely remove the threat posed by an explosion or bomb blast.

Our blast protection film tightly grips onto the window pane, shattered glass is contained stopping it from falling on, or flying to nearby civilians or employees, mitigating the risk of injury. It also absorbs the energy from direct impact and shockwaves from nearby explosions, creating an extra layer of security.


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Bomb Blast Film


Your bom blast solution

Visible Light Transmitted: 83%

Glare Reduction: 0%

Total Solar Absorbed: 14%

Total Solar Energy Rejected: 23%

Thickness: 300 MIcron

Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive

Durability: 10 Years


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Glass can shatter into hunreds of pieces in an instant, each of them having the potential to cause severe damage. That’s why buildings at high risk should make their most vulnerable areas, i.e. windows a top priority when it comes to health and safety. Our highly specialised bomb blast window film can help absorb energy emitted from a blast, with the aim of keeping the glass collated together within the layer of film.

Appearance: Our bomb blast window film does not change the appearance of your glazing at all. You will still have the ability to see through and allow natural light to iluminate the room; the only difference is that it is now protected with a film layer. This sacrificial barrier adds an element of strength which adds to the integrity of the glass and comes with multiple benefits.

Cost: In the event of an explosion, having bomb blast film doesn’t only protect your employees and civilians, but also your interior decor and equipment. Saving you time and money of paying for an expensive refurnish project while also having your doors closed for business. Daily operations can resume as quickly as possible with just your glass being replaced and new window film being fitted.

Injury Prevention: Building occupants can escape virtually unscathed because of our blast protection window film. Broken glass is of high risk of causing severe injuries, but with the blast film keeping shattered glass together within it’s layer, it mitigates the opportunity of glass flying everywhere from a high speed explosion.

Glass Protection: As well as preventing the shattering of glass, our blast protection film also protects against vandals who wish to scratch of gauge your windows. Taking the full brunt, the glazing behind does not get scratched, gauged or damaged in any way, leaving the film to just be replaced. Preventing a new glazing project to take place, saving a lot of time and money.

Installation & Removal: A specially created coating applied on the film makes removal an easy process in the event of unwanted markings such as; spray paint, ink-based graffiti, scouring or scratching. These window films are quick and easy to install (if done by a trained Ultrastop window films fitter) but are also do-it-yourself friendly. Equally, they can easily be removed and replaced if need be.