An insight into some of our work, showcasing the visual aspect to window film along with the benefits that come along simultaneously.


With the sun beaming at the front of this house all morning, it’s no wonder they were getting fustrated with the glare, heat and furniture fading the sun was causing.

Installed with Solar protection film, it also adds an element of day-time privacy as seen from the reflectiveness in the installation photos.


July saw us visit The Samuel Palmer Pub in Sevenoaks! Their problem you ask? The sun! The sun and the glare it was causing for customers sitting inside the building.

How did we combat this and provide a solution? Our Solar protection film, the perfect solution. Along with reducing glare, it will also provide many more benfits which will 


The summer heat can be a real menace on north and south facing buildings, and with the U.K. heating up, we’ve seen an increase in the demand wanted/needed for solar protection film.

By providing temperature control, the applied film rejects the solars heat and keeps the rooms temperature down. If you have aircon, it will maintain the cold air and trap the air from escaping. The same applies in the cold, if you have heaters on, the film will stop the heat from escaping which saves on heating bills!


With the nature of this establishment, it’s essential that their display pieces are protected at all times. Especially with children attending on school trips week in week out, there is a higher risk of glass breaking as they could knock into it or bang on the glazing.

Safety film protects against this by providing an extra layer of protection against scratches, vandalism and also holds the glass together in the event of a smash. This mitigates the risk of injury to nearby people because without the film, flying projectiles would spread everywhere.


Our Opaque window film was used here to seperate two offices and give privacy to the employees. It also allows the segregation of the building and creates different areas for departments.


Opaque film is often used for privacy purposes but can also be shaped and cut into multiple different sizes which creates beautiful aesthetics. Whether you’d like strips, dots or even your logo cut into the film, it’s all possible!


Applied to a summer holiday home, Solar 20 was the best option to gain privacy, while also allowing temperature control during the hotter months. The properties in Solar 20 allow for reflective mirror look (day-time privacy) from the outside which rejects UV rays and reduces glare within the building.

Being a small holiday home and made from the materials that were used, it can often get very cold during the winter months and too hot during the summer months. With Solar 20 Window Film, it keeps the heat in during winter months and reduces the heat that escapes. During hotter months, it will keep the cold air from escaping which reduces your electricity bill (if using fans) and also saves on using air conditioning for an extended period of time.