Your complete privacy solution, available in a wide range of colours and textures.


Provide your home or business with extra privacy using Ultrastop’s privacy window film. Perfect for homes on busy roads or workplaces with a sensitive nature, great for a shared office environment or a meeting room. Without our privacy window film, you could face issues of heat, glare, safety, security and privacy.

Privacy film may otherwise be known as opaque film, frosted film, sandblasted, etched effect or satin film. It’s designed to obscure glass during the day and night without sacrificing natural light coming through. 

To achieve your desired results, there are multiple ways to accomplish this using our window films. Our lines are available for any advice, information, samples, guidance or to request a free quote, give us a call today on 0208 079 0241 or alternatively, email us!

Opaque Window Film


Your privacy solution

Privacy Film Solutions That Provide Different Aesthetic Looks

Reflective Window FIlm: Provides a reflective look from the exterior while allowing internal vision outwards

Fine Etched Window Film: A total block of vision from both the internal and exterior allowing natural light to still pass through and available in multiple colours

Frosted Vinyl Window Film: A total block of vision from both the internal and exterior, allowing natural light to still pass through

Blackout Window Film: A total block of vision from both the internal and exterior while blocking natural light

Whiteout Window Film: A total block of vision from both the internal and exterior while blocking natural light

Sandblast Window Film: A total block of vision from both the internal and exterior, allowing natural light to still pass through


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Privacy solutions can come in many different forms, a cost effective visually pleasing solution is privacy window film from Ultrastop window films. Along with privacy widow film comes many benefits, these include increased safety, less glare, energy saving benefits, enhanced appearance, less furniture fading, heat control and most importantly affordable!

Privacy: As the name suggests, the primary purpose of our privacy window film is privacy. Whether you would like privacy from outside to inside your property, a bathroom window, shower room glass, office or meeting room, the capabilities are endless.

Working Environments: In working environments, there can often be areas which are private, non accessible to public or certain staff, and the need to be discrete. This could range from server rooms, offices, meeting rooms, storage rooms, consultation rooms, the list goes on. The use of privacy film eliminates the need to build walls or completely block off an area. For example, a glazed meeting room could have half of the glass fitted with privacy glass film, enabling natural light to still pass through keeping the room well lit and airy. Our privacy window film is also customisable, which means it can be used to promote products/services or branded to match your interior/exterior decor.

Home Environments: There are many reasons as to why privacy film can benefit your household. Homes on busy roads often have their privacy impeded via their windows by passersby, and this can often cause discomfort for tenants. Your bath/shower rooms are also a private area that can benefit greatly with privacy glass film. A benefit to using this film is the properties of being able to get wet, meaning you can use this film comfortably on a shower cubicle and not have the worry of it peeling off due to getting wet.

Aesthetics: Being privacy window film doesn’t mean it has to look plain and dull. It can be designed, cut and installed in all different shapes and sizes as well as a wide range of different textures. This is a huge benefit, the ability to be endlessly creative and fully customise your glazing to your needs. Below we have listed some highly used privacy window films for reference:

Opaque window film – Allows natural day light to pass through, however, provides total privacy.

Blackout window film – Totally blocks visibility and natural light from passing through, can also be any colour desired.

One way window film – Provides privacy during daylight hours however, enables visibility from the outside during the night (if inside lights are on).

Installation & Removal: Safety film for glass from Ultrastop window films allows for an aesthetically pleasing sight. Available in a range of styles, colours or textures, you can complement your interior or exterior decor by simply applying a beneficial window film. These window films are quick and easy to install (if done by a trained Ultrastop window films fitter) but are also do-it-yourself friendly. Equally, they can easily be removed and replaced if need be.