Protect against the sun while also adding many other benefits.


Protect your home, employees and equipment from the dangers of Solar and UV light without compromising the natural sunlight.

Solar window film is a thin film that is applied directly to your existing window panes either internally or externally. It’s used to control excess sunlight, heat, glare and UV light. This film is clear and allows you to see out although does make the room inside a little darker. 


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UV Ray Protection


Your solution to solar protection

Visible Light Transmitted: 16% to 50%

Glare Reduction: 47% to 82%

Total Solar Absorbed: 35% to 37%

Total Solar Energy Rejected: 54% to 78%

Film Thickness: 35 Micron

Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive

Base Material: Polyester

Warranty: 10 Years


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Solar window film can sometimes be referred to as one way film however, it’s important to note that it only provides daylight privacy and is only one way when the light is outside. During darker times of the day, anyone on the outside will be able to see in, given that a light is on inside the room. There are many other benefits to using sun protection window film, both for residential properties and also in the work place, these include;

Temperature Control: Reduce the heat from sun rays by up to 85% and help control your rooms temperature. Not only will the solar film trap heat from escaping during the colder months, it will also trap in the cold air in during the hotter months, meaning your fans and air conditioning can be switched off more frequently.

Appearance: Solar reflective film comes with a reflective appearance, creating an element of daytime privacy. This can compliment your interior and exterior look and add to the security of your property. However, those looking into the windows from the outside will have full visibility if doing so during darker times of the day when the inside light is on.

Workplace Productivity: Whether you work in an home office or a dedicated office property, the glare coming through the office windows can affect productivity levels and be a discomfort. Our solar film reduces glare by up to 85%, allowing employees to concerntrate on work without squinting or straining their eyes. 

Security: As well as creating daytime privacy, solar window film adds an extra layer of protection by holding together the glass should it ever shatter, it also enhances the integrity of the window by adding strength and making it thicker. This eliminates the opportunity to fly everywhere causing damage to those nearby. However, it’s important to remember that security is not the main purpose of this film, if security properties are what you’re specifically looking for, we recommend our using our Security Window Film.

Reduce Fading: By removing up to 99.7% of harmful ultraviolet rays without blocking the natural sunlight, you can reduce fading on products, furniture or exhibits. This small investment can prolong the life of carpets, furniture or your shops products. The perfect film for windows to block VU rays!

Installation & Removal: Installation of our Solar Protection window film is simple, quick and easy. Our fully trained and vetted window film fitters will provide a hassle free, customer orientated service and guarentee satisfaction. It’s also possible to do-it-yourself however, you’d be running the risk of ruining the film and/or applying it to your glazing incorrectly. Get in touch today for a free quote.